Data Doesn’t Have To Be This Hard – A Measureful Intro

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Welcome. We’re Measureful, and I’m John.

We’re a group of analysts, creatives and developers working to make digital marketing data suck less. That’s right, unless you have time and know-how, data can really suck. We hope to change that.

We’re a 6-month old startup working on a novel concept – take all this data everyone’s inundated with and turn it into usable stories. Stories have meaning and are meant for sharing. Imagine that, analytics with meaning. Analytics you want to share.

Josh and I founded Measureful to change how data is used. It’s underutilized. It’s hard. When applied in the right way, data is a very powerful thing. We believe we can empower marketers with better information and drive actionable results.

The core of the concept isn’t new I suppose. Take something complex (data) and turn it into something simple (insight). Until now, it’s largely been the domain of professional analysts or consultants.


Back in 2006, (Google Analytics was 1 year old) I did online marketing for a variety clients; SEO, SEM, Email, etc. Part of the job was to put together the “web” reports. It was essentially a dump of data. New metrics were added, reports grew. In fact, reports grew so fast that it took a full work week to prepare these monthly “required” reports. Reporting Week as it became known. It was a full week of just reporting; aggregating, analyzing, formatting, etc.

It wasn’t ideal but it was a start and it got marketers thinking more about how to leverage data to improve their marketing efforts. We improved reports and added analysis, but the process remained extremely time-consuming. Today, the problem has only gotten worse with more metrics and new channels. The “Web” Report solution was reserved for those who could afford a professional analyst. Most can’t.

Most have also come to realize that point solutions and channels are the data creators, but not the ideal end-point for the data. You see, their job is to provide the database and tools. Something or someone has to make sense of it, to tell the story.

How did we do? What happened? What changed? Why did it change? Are we up or down? Why? What else should I know about?

The tools have gotten much better and far more powerful but more data doesn’t equal more clarity. Data doesn’t have to be this hard. It’s hard to measure, collect, distill and report on metrics. All the harder when you should be focused on marketing.

Google Analytics was the first marketing-focused analytics tool that experienced widespread adoption, driving data adoption. Now it’s a problem of turning all that data (plus other channel data) into meaning.

analytics maturity

We’re focused on providing meaning, not more data or crunching tools. It’s ambitious. First place we’re starting: don’t create more data. We instead focus on what you have and what it means. We’ve integrated and are currently analyzing Google Analytics data, providing weekly insights on changes and trends in the data.


It’s a start and step in the right direction. Marketing now requires so much more data to complete the picture. Web analytics is now digital analytics btw. Our aim is to tell a better story by combining other data sources (social, email, SEO, e-commerce, etc) to tell a more enriched story of what’s happening and why it’s happening. Not to provide more data, reports and tools, but to provide some clarity for a change.

So off we go to change an industry and and make data work for, not against us. Give us try. We’re still in private beta and taking on new users. There’s a lot more exciting things to come and we’ll be sure to stay in contact.

Measureful __ From Data to Decisions

Because data can be this easy (and dare we say fun).

– John