Measureful for Google Analytics is Live!

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the first Measureful product! We are now live and analyzing data from Google Analytics (more sources coming soon).

Measureful offers a simple yet powerful solution to the mounds of Google Analytics data your team has to manage and interpret. We automatically monitor and analyze all this data every week, allowing marketing teams to focus on taking action using our weekly reports. Here’s a quick rundown on the latest features –

New Report Design

Insights are only as good as the format they’re communicated in. Historically, Excel has been Measureful __ From Data to Decisions-4the de facto tool to report findings and share insights. It’s been awful.

We believe analytics tools shouldn’t be about analytics, they should be about simple communication of findings. We’ve launched an elegant interface that drives team adoption, understanding and sharing.

Support For Teams

https___www.measureful.com_reports_16#teamGreat teams are informed teams. Measureful now supports your entire marketing team and more; giving every role an easy, inside look into at the most important events on your website and across your channels. You can now invite collaborators from your team or vendors to share in the weekly insights.

Hook Up Multiple Reports

data sourcesMost brands and e-commerce websites have multiple Google Analtyics profiles and properties and we’re happy to announce we now support integration with multiple and different Google Analytics accounts. Whether it’s an international website you want to analyze or a microsite, simply connect and we’ll start automatically analyzing and reporting against that property.

We’ve built Measureful with a clear goal in mind – turn marketing data into a competitive advantage for businesses. We’ve started first with Google Analytics with much more goodness coming the next few months as we integrate with more data sources and roll out some exciting new features. Stay tuned!