Facebook Page Data Now Live!

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After analyzing and turning Google Analytics data into intelligence for the last 6 months, today we’re happy to announce integration with Facebook Page data! Our goal is to tell a more comprehensive story around your page and fan activity – giving you insight on what is and is not working with your Facebook efforts.

Simply connect your Facebook account and within 5 minutes we’ll have your first reports ready.


We’re not just plugging in more data from more sources. We’re filtering, analyzing and automatically determining what is important and what is noise.staging.measureful.com_reports_159-1

Reporting static Facebook metrics can be a waste of time. You end up looking at the same top-level metrics without insight into the what and why. Every week we pull your Facebook data and analyze your page comments, shares, posts, likes and impact and help you answer – What important things happened? and Why?

Don’t be left with screenshots of Facebook Insights or worse, Excel. Deliver and share simple and elegant Facebook reports and insights with ease.

Give it a try, we’d love to hear what you think.