The 5 Best Alternatives to The Google Keyword Tool

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The 5 Best Alternatives to The Google Keyword Tool

Sadly, while users have been forced to bid adieu to the much loved Google Keyword Tool, the good news is that there are several keyword research tools that they can use without missing out on any of the functionality and features that the Google Keyword Tool offered.

SERP Checker

This is a great tool that focuses on keyword research using competitor analysis. As soon as you feed in your domain, SERP checker displays your top three competitors along with a huge keyword list that you will be potentially competing with. You will need to do some keyword research prior to using this tool to make sense of this comparative data because it doesn’t display keyword variations. You can export your results to Excel and the best part is you can research trends with multiple keywords at the same time. SERP Checker also displays keyword trends as well as historical data.



This Advanced Competitor Keywords Research Tool gives you the first free 10 results comprising 10 organic competitors and 10 organic keywords they are ranking for when you type in your site or that of a competitor. On entering a keyword, SEMrush displays volumes, trends, and data across Bing and 10 different regional domains in Google. Though the free version limits the number of searches you can perform per day, with its database of over 80 million different keywords, this can still help you with your research without upgrading to a pro subscription.



This keyword research tool is renowned for its ability to pull data from all the major search engines along with getting information from the less popular ones. Probably next only to the Google Keyword Tool in terms of its usage and popularity, UberSuggest is perfect for secondary keyword research. It offers great keyword suggestions and also takes it up a notch by offering vertical results for news, images, video, recipes, and shopping.


Keyword Spy

The free version of this easy-to-use tool displays only 10 results while the paid option offers you a lot of comprehensive data. A good alternative to a full-fledged SEO tool, Keyword Spy is a useful in terms of its cost effectiveness. One of the best tools for competitor research, it shows you organic  as well as PPC competitors, and the best part is you can also see their ad copy. Besides allowing you to sift through the major country domains of Google, this keyword research tool also offers “Related,” “Similar” and “Misspell” keywords akin to Broad and Phrase match results.



Powered by WordTracker, this keyword research tool offers exhaustive data including search volumes from Google and Bing, traffic estimates from Compete and Alexa, data from Google Trends and Google Insights, and much more. There are paid tools and plenty of other resources that are also available, but if you don’t wish to use this tool as a part of the paid toolset, there is also an option to use it as a free plug-in within Firefox. When you enter a keyword, SEOBook displays 10 suggestions provided by Google Instant for your keyword and it also delivers Yahoo! suggest results, so you get a list of relevant keywords.


Each of these keyword research tools help test and fine tune your keyword lists, so you can optimize your website and make the most of the data available.


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