6 Geeky Halloween Costume Ideas for Online Marketers

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Halloween is just around the corner. If you work in digital marketing or SEO and want to wow your co-workers and friends with your nerdiness, then these geeky Halloween costume ideas are for you!

1. Google Penguin or Panda Update

google penguin costumeGoogle named two of its major algorithm updates after these black and white fuzzy animals. I can’t help but think Google is referencing black hat and white hat SEO practices here. If you hated these updates and they made your life hell for a few months, then you may want to add a few evil or bloodthirsty cues and accessories to your look!  (Source)

2. Undead Internet Meme

Undead Hipster Ariel Internet memes are always a prevalent Halloween costume choice. You can bet on seeing a ton of Psy and Fox costumes this year. Why not turn this trend on its head by dressing up as a zombie undead internet meme from the past. This is a great tongue-in-cheek way to pay tribute to your favorite memes of yore. How about a zombie Rage Face, or undead Hipster Ariel or Ermahgerd Girl(Source)

3. 404 Page

404 page costume

For all the lazy digital marketers, this 404 page costume is for you. All you need is a t-shirt.  If you’re feeling ambitious, add an “under construction” component by wearing a hard hat, reflective vest, and tool belt.  Bonus points if you make your own 404 t-shirt and use Comic Sans font. (Source)

4. Google Carousel

google carousel costume

As part of Knowledge Graph, Google is now showing a reel of carousel images at the top of local search results. This costume idea is definitely going to take a little DIY elbow grease. But, if Katy Perry can pull off a carousel, then what’s your excuse? (Source

5. 1,000,000 Views

eye ball costume“You can make this campaign go viral, right?” It always cracks me up when folks outside of the digital marketing realm describe lofty goals of getting one million views on YouTube. “Let’s make a viral video guys!” In celebration of this widespread ignorance, you can cover yourself in eyeball-themed attire, don googly-eyed glasses, and become one million views for Halloween. (Source)

6. Viral 

viral halloween costume

Similar to the 1,000,000 views idea, you can wow your online marketing peers with this “viral” costume.  Dress up as a sick person by wearing an old bathrobe and slippers. Mess your hair up as if you haven’t showered in a week (if you work at a startup, just leave your hair as-is). Apply makeup to appear pale. Draw dark circles under your eyes and make your nose red with blush. For props, carry sick-people accessories, such as a box of tissues, a digital thermometer, Nyquil, or an empty carton of orange juice. Cough repeatedly and tell everyone how viral you are because you just hit a million views. (Source)

If you have any more ideas for geeky costumes, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Britt Brouse is an online marketer with a background in journalism and agency experience using online channels to increase leads and revenue for businesses. You can also find her on Google+.