The New Measureful – “Flipboard for Analytics”

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Truly informative reports are more than just an aggregation of data; they tell a story, providing clear direction and insights based on that data. But everyone’s story is different and a standardized approach feels, well, standard.

Until now, standard or template reports were the only way to streamline the reporting process and at the cost of providing real prescriptive value to clients. Today we’re excited to announce the new Measureful that can deliver unique marketing reports that automatically find and design the most applicable reports.

Here’s how it’s different than any reporting solution you’ve seen – 

1. Measureful can determine what is important to report.

The biggest problem with template reports is the inability to adjust to the underlying data. Templates are static, data is not. Inherently this is a problem and one that has only been addressed to date by people.

Unlike other tools or template reports, Measureful’s algorithms sift through all of the data every period and unearth findings, or “stories.” It’s called our Smart Reporting technology and you can build an entire report with our logic or turn it off and customize your own.

2. Measureful can determine how to best design the report layout.

Identifying what to report gets you halfway to building a great report that directs a user’s attention where it’s most deserved. Identifying the relative importance of findings, however, gives you a blueprint for a report that emphasizes the most critical findings while reducing the data noise.

Measureful’s Smart Reporting technology applies weight to the various stories and builds a uniquely designed report that emphasizes the most important findings. Some stories provide deeper detail while others only a quick snippet of the metric.



3. Measureful is professionally and beautifully designed.

Packaging the findings or “stories” into a well-designed user interface that includes clean data visualizations and automated narratives makes Measureful reports a pleasure to read. Drawing inspiration from Flipboard, we’ve designed a report layout that organizes the stories into a customizable grid, so the experience is incredibly dynamic and relevant.

It’s a blend of style and function. The page layout and typography are generated by algorithms that take into account the relative importance of findings and can be customized to suit.


4. Measureful is customizable.

Not all reports are created equal and most require that human touch to get it just right. We’ve built for automation but left plenty of room for curation and customization.

Config Story


Manually build reports per the unique requirements of your clients or team. Select from specific metrics, build custom tables, and select your data visualization. Add your logo and perhaps some additional analysis and it’s fully seasoned and ready to deliver.



The new Measureful is here and so is the way marketers and agencies handle reporting. Check out an example PDF report or sign-up for a free 14-day trial and let us know what you think.