Drag-and-Drop Custom Report Builder

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Building custom reports has always been a time-consuming and costly endeavor. This is especially true if you’re a follower of Stephen Few and Edward Tufte and strive to deliver more than just a spreadsheet. Offering custom reports has traditionally been left to the few that can afford to put a great deal of effort and resources against it.

Today we’re excited to announce an easy way to build custom marketing reports and without all the additional resources and time. Following-up on our new report designs dubbed “Flipboard for data” by VentureBeat, we’ve released a powerful new report designer tool that makes building beautiful marketing reports dead simple.

Using Ducksboard’s Gridster as the underlying foundation, we’ve built a catalog of various stories that can be changed, resized and arranged as you see fit. There are a total of 12 sizes per each story creating an endless combination of report designs and customizations.

1-Column Story Sizes

1 column

2-Column Story Sizes

2 Column

3-Column Story Sizes

3 Column

4-Column Story Sizes

4 Column Arrange and resize the stories to emphasize the narrative of a particular report. We recommending using the smaller 1-column story sizes at the top with your preferred KPIs (key performance indicators) and more detailed stories below.

Preview your individual stories before saving and powering it up with real data.



From this: custom report To this: custom reporting 2

Effectively communicating your efforts is an easy step to skip after all of the data you just collected and aggregated but arguably the most important when you’re looking for that additional marketing budget, quantifying your campaigns or simply informing. Measureful’s new Report Builder tool puts the power of design and customization into every marketer’s hands.