Category Separators, Report Recipients and more…

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We’ve been working on some exciting features this week. Here’s a quick overview of what just went live –

Report Recipients

You can now add any email to receive both a Digest Email and link to a final PDF report. Report recipients won’t have access to your account but rather receive a rich email highlighting their report content for the period and direct link to download their PDF report.

Measureful 2014-03-13 10-17-05 2014-03-13 10-17-09

Here’s an example Digest Email your clients would see. Only Measureful users will see the “SEE ALL STORIES” link back to the dashboard.


Category Separators

This new feature allows you to add category separators to create blocks of different content in your reports. Name and rearrange them as you like.


Clone Templates

Report templates are one to many, meaning a single template can power hundreds of reports. If you wanted to add profile specific metrics such as custom Google Analytics events and goals, you had to manually build a unique report. Now you can select from an existing template to build your unique report and then add your custom metrics. Time saving bliss.

Measureful-3 2

Lots more to come from our end. Stay tuned.