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Analytics Reporting for Agencies

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Today we’re excited to announce a whole new set of features including our Agency Analytics Reporting suite.

In my previous life as a digital marketing agency owner, handling client reporting was one of the most difficult processes to manage and streamline. You want to deliver beautiful, custom monthly reports to your clients but the resources and time involved can be a big barrier.

Exporting, analyzing and piecing together unique monthly reports is such a daunting endeavor it has its own name: Reporting Week. We literally spent hundreds of hours each month building client reports, getting frustrated and looking for ways to automate what was largely a manual process. That search for a streamlined approach to client reporting is why we started Measureful and it’s why we’re excited to announce our agency offering.

With Measureful’s Agency Analytics we’re giving agencies and freelancers the ability to not only automate their monthly data crunching but deliver truly custom, beautiful reports and insights to their clients like never before.

Monthly Reports

Unlike other reporting tools, we dynamically build your reports and deliverables each month based on what findings are the most critical. Our algorithms understand what to report and why – automatically. It’s not a widgetized dashboard. It’s a data analyst in a box.

You might already be familiar with the typical approach to automated reporting. It usually looks something like this –


What’s missing from this process is the actual analysis, meaning you’re stuck reporting the same metrics every period without any real narrative or unique story to tell your clients. It’s static and only covers the tip of the data iceberg.

Without gathering and analyzing all the client’s data it’s impossible to truly provide a complete report. That’s why the analysis piece has always been handled by people – and why building unique and beautiful reports is so time-consuming and costly.

Our automated approach to building client reports looks like this –


We’ve included a critical layer that does the hard work of determining what insights to surface each period – giving you a shortlist of findings you can take to your client. We make sure you don’t miss a big win or fail to diagnose a critical problem.

PDF Export

We’ve also launched the ability to turn reports and findings into white-labeled PDF deliverables. You’ll save time on data gathering, formatting and design while providing high-value PDFs to your clients.

PDF Analytics Reports


Your team can now enrich our findings with your own comments and analysis.

analytics reporting commentsWe’ll do the grunt work while you take all the credit for the analysis. We see comments are a great place to relate the findings back to your strategy and suggest new campaigns and projects to your clients.

Remove Stories

We understand that not all of our findings are applicable to the story you want to tell your clients so we’ve made it easy to remove findings that aren’t inline with your initiatives.



Pretty straight-forward – we now support white-labeling the PDF reports. Simply add your agency logo and we’ll include it in the reports.

 Account Management Digests

No one likes receiving that email from a client asking – “Why did my referring traffic drop off last week? Why didn’t you let me know?” As a freelancer or Account Manager, there’s no way to keep up with important changes in your client’s account without spending hours digging through the data. Unfortunately it’s easy to miss critical insights that pop up on a daily basis.
digest emailsWith Measureful’s Agency Analytics, we’ll automatically send you Weekly Digest emails that outline your client’s top KPIs as well as important findings from the previous week.

You’ll know exactly what’s happening with your client accounts with a quick check of your email.

Add your entire account team to the digest notifications and be confident no one is missing any critical client insights.

Share all the Nuggets

Not only can your team stay up-to-date on all of your client’s digital activities, they can now be proactive about sharing analytical insights with their clients. We’re serving up ready-made analytics nuggets to deliver to your clients every week.

We’d love to get your reaction to our agency reports – sign-up for a free trial and let us know what you think!

– john