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The Ultimate Guide for Acing The Google Analytics IQ Test

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Have you considered pursuing Google Analytics certification? Google offers an Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test that certifies online marketing professionals as expert users. This qualification ultimately separates advanced users from analytics beginners. Google even offers a free curriculum to help test-takers prepare.

Why Take The Google Analytics IQ (GAIQ) Test?

As a freelancer or smaller agency, this certification will lend greater credibility to your services and sales pitch. By following along with the free curriculum and other resources, small business owners doing in-house marketing can advance their working knowledge of Google Analytics.

What is The GAIQ Test Like?

GAIQ is a 90-minute online test that you can take within a web browser. You will be able to pause and return to the test for up to five days before completing it. There are 70 questions including multiple choice and true or false. Marketers must achieve an 80% (56 correct answers) or higher score to pass.

The exam is considered open-book, so you can use study guides and resources to help answer questions. However, without working knowledge of Google Analytics or dedicated test preparation, even the most detailed cheat sheet or study guide will not help you to pass.

If you are considering taking GAIQ, or just want to improve your understanding of Google Analytics, then follow the tips and visit the resource links below:

1. Start with Google’s Curriculum

Google’s free curriculum covers everything on the test. The videos move really quickly, so push pause, take notes and apply what each video is teaching within a live Google Analytics account. According to a blog post on Moz.com, the curriculum videos take a little more than two hours to watch, but that does not account for time to take notes and practice.

2. Set Up Your Own Google Analytics Account

To really apply your training and master the platform, make sure you are using the newest version of Google Analytics. It is also helpful to have a Google Analytics account with at least a few months worth of data and features like advanced segments, goals and flow visualization enabled. If you are new to Google Analytics, this resource can help you to set up and begin using your account.

3. Dive into More Test Prep Resources

Here are three more helpful resources for in-depth test preparation:

4. Download An Outline Or Visual Overview

Since GAIQ is an open-book exam, you will want to gather a few easy-to-scan, searchable resources. You can use overview documents as study guides and keep them open on your computer while testing. Here are a few overviews options to consider downloading:

5. Take Practice Tests

Here are two places to find practice test questions. You may be able to discover more sample test questions embedded within recent blog posts about GAIQ test prep.

If we missed any critical resources for Google Analytics IQ test preparation, then please share those links in the comments below. Once you pass the test, your certification is active for 18 months. You can show proof of qualification by following the steps in this blog post. Happy studying and good luck!


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