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New Custom Analytics Report Builder

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We love automation. We love saving our customers time by handling the hard work of aggregating data and determining what to report on, automatically. Today, we’re excited to announce the ability to manually build your own custom reports.

While we love fully automating the process of report creation, we understand there are always required metrics. Our new report builder functionality allows you to build custom reports, save templates and still infuse them with our unique findings.

The process of creating a report takes about 2 minutes. Start by naming your report.

custom report 1

Connect your data sources. No IT or code required.

custom analytics report 2

From here we’d normally take over, analyze your data and dynamically produce a report – our Smart Reporting technology. Now you can take it a step further and configure the report the way you or your client wants.

Select from a set of our KPIs (key performance indicators).

custom kpi report

Or create your own set of KPIs unique to this report template.

custom kpi report 2

From there, you can select what report modules or “stories” you want to alway show in your report. Save the set of stories so you can easily configure similar reports.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.34.46 AM.png

You define the metrics in your reports and we’ll automatically add a layer of analysis and narrative to the metrics you select. You can also choose to include dynamic, unique findings powered by our set of algorithms.┬áBest of both worlds; dynamic findings coupled with custom selected metrics.

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We’re continuing to integrate more data sources to automate SEM, SEO and Social Media Reports. Try Measureful free for 30 days or reach out and let us know what you think!